Firearm Transfers


Crawford Hydrographic Services provides firearm transfer services to our customers. We know we can’t compete with the big box stores, so whether it be ordering something online, buying on, or transferring a gun purchased from a friend, we are here for you. All transfers must be compliant with Pennsylvania and Federal law and comply with Crawford Hydrographic Services policies.

Incoming Transfers from an FFL Dealer

Online or other remote purchases:

If buying online and your seller does not have Crawford Hydrographic Services, LLC listed, you can point them to the FFL section of our website where a copy of our FFL is available for a one-click solution to all of their questions. Let us know something is headed our way by filling out the Request to Transfer form. Please see our incoming transfer section.

FEE: $35 Processing Fee per Firearm

Please contact to request FFL for any incoming transfers.

Shipped transfers are only accepted from FFL Dealers. Crawford Hydrographic Services will not accept mailed transfers from individuals.

A transferred firearm must meet all requirements of Pennsylvania and Federal law and must be shipped with the following:

A copy of the Transferor’s FFL

Name and phone number of the customer who will be receiving the firearm. All information must match what was provided on the “Request to Transfer” form prior to shipping.

When your firearm is ready to be picked up you will receive a phone call informing you that your transfer is ready. If you are awaiting a firearm transfer, please make sure your voicemail is set up and able to receive messages. When the firearm arrives, it will be processed into our system, this means that while the tracking may show that the firearm has arrived at our facility it will not be ready until we call you. We want to get your new firearm into your hands as quickly as possible but it could take up to 48 hours to check in your firearm.

The customer will be expected to pick up their transfer within 10 days of being contacted unless other arrangements are made.

After 15 days, if the transfer has not been picked up the customer will be assessed a storage fee of $10/day beginning on the 16th day.

After 30 days, if the firearm has not been picked up, the firearm will be considered abandoned, and it will be absorbed into store stock with no expectation of any further compensation to the customer.

If a firearm does not meet Pennsylvania or Federal law, it will be returned to the transferring FFL at the customer’s cost and may be reported to the proper authorities.

If the customer’s 4473 is denied when picking up a firearm transfer, they will be responsible for the cost of return shipping to the transferring FFL as well as the initial transfer fee of $35.

If denied, customer has 30-Days to resolve the issue or make arrangements to return the item to the originating FFL. Crawford Hydrographic Services shall take possession of said firearm with no further compensation on the 31st day.

Firearms will only be transferred to the customer designated by the “Request to Transfer” form.

By having a firearm shipped to Crawford Hydrographic Services, you certify that you understand and accept the transfer policy as outlined on this page.

Outgoing Transfers (Shipping Firearms)

FEE: $100 processing fee per Pistols / $150 processing fee Rifle/Long Gun

When leaving the firearm to be shipped the customer will be required to provide the following information:

A valid Driver’s License / State issued ID and/or valid change of address card with correct physical address.

Name and contact information for the FFL Dealer where the firearm will be shipped.

Name and contact information for the person who will be receiving the firearm.

Transfer / Shipping Fees:

Firearms shipped within the lower 48 states with a declared value up to $1000 will be charged a flat shipping rate.

All firearms are shipped with tracking number and an adult signature requirement.

The customer is responsible for knowing the laws of the state which they plan to ship. Crawford Hydrographic Services will not be responsible for any costs associated with a firearm returned for not meeting state requirements.

Person-To-Person Transfers

FEE: $35 per firearm includes PICS background check fee

Both parties must be present and process a valid Pennsylvania Driver’s License with a current address or valid change of address card with your correct physical address.

Firearm must be present and unloaded before entering our shop.

Background Checks

Any firearm transfer occurring will be subject to a background check, as per Pennsylvania law.

After filling out the required federal paperwork, we will process your background check with the Pennsylvania State Police. This is an electronic process and usually takes between 5 and 15 minutes to wait for an approval from the Pennsylvania State Police, sometimes it can take longer due circumstances beyond our control. Once this step is completed successfully, a Record of Sale will be generated and you may leave with your firearm.

Pennsylvania Instant Check System (PICS) Fee

In accordance with the Pennsylvania Uniform Firearms Act, the Firearms Division of the Pennsylvania State Police (PSP) conducts background checks on applicable firearm purchases.

In the event of a denial in a private transfer the seller will need to complete a form 4473 and a background check must be done per the ATF. (an additional $5.00 fee will apply)

PICS Denial

In the event of a PICS denial, we will provide you with a copy of a challenge form to dispute the deny: Download form here

This page is intended for use by another FFL interested in performing an acquisition or disposition with Crawford Hydrographic Services, LLC.

Please see the below information regarding both scenarios and feel free to reach out to us with any questions.

A copy of our FFL can be found here.

Remember to always verify our license with the ATF’s FFL EZCheck tool


If you are purchasing a firearm and having it shipped to Crawford Hydrographics for transfer to you, we perform an “acquisition”.

You will need to provide the seller with the following information in order to have the item prepared for shipment to us. Please copy/paste the following information to provide with your purchase.


I will be sending any portions of my order which include regulated merchandise to my local FFL, Crawford Hydrographic Services, LLC.

License Verification: 8-23-043-01-1M-11668

Phone: (717) 476-1161



Crawford Hydrographic Services, LLC

4612 Coventry Road

Harrisburg, PA 17109

Thank you


If you are selling a firearm and having it shipped for transfer to its new owner, we can perform a “disposition” on the regulated item.

Your buyer will need to supply you with the details for their local FFL for verification by us.

We have assembled a message to send the buyer of your item: just paste this into the message.

Good afternoon,

I will be shipping any regulated goods via my local FFL, Crawford Hydrographic Services, LLC. Please provide me with the following information about your FFL;

License Number:




If you don’t know this, please have your FFL reach out to Crawford Hydrographic Services, LLC via email (email us) or phone: (717) 476-1161