Quality Laser Engraving

Crawford Hydrographic Services, LLC has the capability to engrave most surfaces. We do almost anything from ID tags, NFA firearm engraving, metal business cards, jewelry, pens, tumblers and even old U-bolts when we have time to play.


We utilize the latest in fiber laser technology to exceed the requirements for engraving a firearm, receiver or parts. The ATF requires that all Form 1 short barreled rifles, shotguns or suppressors be engraved with the manufacturer's name (you or legal entity), city and state. Your Name / legal entity name and locale can be engraved anywhere it is visible.

We can engrave underneath the trigger guard found on billet lowers, on the underside of a flared mag well. Keep in mind the text must be visible without any dis-assembly.


If you are located near the Harrisburg area we can engrave your item while you wait. Just call ahead to make an appointment. Evening hours work best for us right now.


We can engrave on any aluminum, steel or titanium firearm / suppressor. Areas such as the front mag well must be flat and cannot be textured. Receivers do not need to be stripped prior to engraving, but do encourage our customers to remove items such as the stock, buffer, buffer springs, and buffer tube (if possible) to reduce the weight and size of your shipment. Due to technical limitations when engraving polymer, we have limited choice of location. If you would like a polymer firearm engraved, please call or email prior to shipment as the ATF requirements for polymer engravings have changed.

Crawford Hydrographic does not currently accept 80% firearms for engraving/cerakote/gunsmithing work. If you have a PMF, please contact us to discuss options before placing an order.


In addition to guidelines on what you have to mark on the NFA item, the ATF has also determined the size and minimum depth of the markings. They are as follows:

Ø No smaller than 1/16th of an inch

Ø Minimum depth of .003 of an inch

They chose these sizes to ensure that the information would not be susceptible to being readily obliterated, altered, or removed. We always engrave deeper to handle other finish coatings that may be applied in the future.


You have three methods of marking the NFA item. The method of marking is up to you, so long as it is one of the following three:


The popularity of laser engravers in recent years has made this method the go-to for most people. Some people own their own personal laser engraver, but if you don’t, a lot of gun shops have them and can do this for you for a nominal fee. The information can also be hand engraved with a vibrating engraver or Dremel tool as long as the size and depth requirements are met. It doesn’t have to be pretty; it just has to meet the requirements!


You can get a set of letter and number hand stamping dies at most craft stores, and this is also an acceptable way of marking the NFA item. This option is an affordable way to have the tools necessary for marking items. Even though the requirement doesn’t require it to be pretty, We know from experience that this method is very difficult to make it look nice, but t he ATF only cares that the required information is there in the correct size and depth.


Finally, if you are casting the item, you can cast the required information directly into the NFA item. Most people won’t be delving this deep into the manufacturing side of things, it is an option that’s there should you choose to go that route.


There’s no way around the government regulations for making your own NFA item, at least they leave some of the information up to you to create so that you can make the item your own. We’ve seen a variety model and serial numbers put on Form 1 items, so feel free to be creative here. As long as you meet the legal requirements for the required information and mark it in the right size and depth, the rest is up to you. To honor a loved one, a friend or even a family pet.